Stardew Valley is a deceptively simple-looking game due to its intentionally pixelated gameplay. In reality, there is way too much to do, and there is no proper tutorial system in the game as well.

The game only gives the player some basic objectives to involve the player with the NPCs etc. With all the different crafting recipes and cool items, there are in the game, and it’s very important to know how to get the more helpful and useful materials.

These can include Iron ore and Iron bars. But again, the game gives zero direction toward getting iron ore or iron bars.

Therefore, let’s get into how to get Iron in Stardew Valley and achieve these handy crafting materials. 

Iron Ore/Iron Bars

Iron ore, as stated earlier, is used for crafting items. It is not used in many recipes on its own, but iron bars, which you get by smelting iron ore, are needed for quite a lot of crafting recipes. 

How To Get Iron In Stardew Valley?
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Other than crafting recipes, another important use of Iron Bars is for upgrading tools to steel. 

How To Get Iron Ore In Stardew Valley?

There is more than just one way of getting iron ore in Stardew Valley. Here are all the different methods of doing so:

1. Mining in “The Mines”

How To Get Iron In Stardew Valley?
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  • To get iron from mining, you need to break an Iron node with a pickaxe, and the best place to do that belongs to the mines. Iron nodes are concentrated most between floors 41 and 79. 
  • Iron ore can also spawn in the Quarry, the Quarry Mine, or in the Quarry on the Hill-Top. 
  • It can also be found as a collectible item from chests that spawn in The Mines.

2. Fishing

How To Get Iron In Stardew Valley?
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  • In Stardew Valley, there is a fishing mechanic.
  •  Upon catching, occasionally, instead of fish, you can obtain treasure chests. 
  • These treasure chests can contain iron ore.

3. Blacksmithing

How To Get Iron In Stardew Valley?
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  • Whilst mining, there is a chance to obtain Geodes by breaking rocks in The Mines.
  • These are essentially Mineral deposits that can contain minerals, artifacts, ores, or basic resources.
  • The Blacksmith can break open these Geodes you found in The Mines, which may contain iron ore.
  • The blacksmith also gives you the option to buy iron ore for 150 gold during the first year, 250 gold during the second year, and so on.

4. River

How To Get Iron In Stardew Valley?
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  • The Copper Pan item can be placed in rivers and ponds. 
  • It acts as a sieve and picks up items and materials that may be flowing with the river and allow the player to collect them.
  • These items and materials can include Iron Ore as well. 

How To Get Iron Bars?

Once you have gotten some Iron Ore with you, turning them into Iron Bars is a simple process of smelting via a furnace. Aside from Iron Ore, one more way to get Iron Bars is by the Transmuting process of Copper Bars.

How To Get Iron In Stardew Valley?
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For smelting, all you need is five pieces of Iron Ore. You can place them inside a furnace and fuel the furnace with a piece of coal. This will start the smelting process, once it is completed, it can simply be collected by interacting with the furnace. 

For Transmuting Copper Bars into Iron, all you need is 3 Copper Bars in your inventory. Now, open your crafting menu, and the option to create will 1 Iron Bar will be available.

Clicking it will give you 1 Iron Bar, and you can use the 3 Copper ones you had earlier. It should be noted, however, that this recipe is only available if the player’s mining level is at least 4. 


Stardew Valley really gives close to zero direction on how you, as a player, can acquire some specific material or item. 

This forces the players to spend much more time than necessary to figure out how they can acquire basic materials and items, for example, Iron in this case. This can be quite overwhelming for casual players and frustrating for others. 

Going through this should have helped you understand everything you need to do, to get a handy crafting material like Iron in Stardew Valley.