Mount and Blade II Bannerlord is a game of conquest and diplomacy. You are meant to battle enemy lords and armies throughout the game, and this means that you will have to go to war. War is a huge part of the game with lords making armies and traveling around the map sieging castles, taking cities, and raiding villages. War is inevitable, which means that so is peace – unless you can somehow eradicate your enemies. If you are on the losing side of a war or simply just want to make peace to focus on a different kingdom, here is how to make peace in Mount and Blade II Bannerlord. It’s actually really simple! Just be prepared to pay – either in gold or items. Here’s how to make peace in Bannerlord in two simple steps.

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Step 1. Find an Enemy Lord

how to make peace bannerlord dialogue screen 1

In our example, this enemy lord found us and tried to fight us. You can do it the other way around and hunt down an enemy lord you’re at war with too. Either way works just fine. You’re going to want to click on the option that says, “Stay your hand! Perhaps we don’t have to come to blows.”

If you found an enemy lord instead, there should be an option such as, “There is something I’d like to discuss.” Both options should bring you to the following screen below where you can barter for peace.

how to make peace bannerlord dialogue screen 2

Once you click the option to barter for peace you will be brought to a trade menu shown below in the second step of our guide on how to make peace in Bannerlord.

Step 2. Barter for Peace

how to make peace bannerlord barter screen

This window may seem confusing when it first pops up, but it’s actually quite simple! The left is the enemy lord. It has their gold and items in their inventory as well as a few other options that don’t seem to be fully implemented in the early access version yet. We can only assume that you’ll be able to barter for prisoners, fiefs, and do other diplomatic things from this menu at a later date.

On the right is your gold and your items. In the middle is what each side is bringing to the deal. In order for me to get Fafen and his kingdom to make peace with me, I have to fill up that bar in the middle of the screen. I have added gold to the trade by clicking on it on the right side of the screen. I need to keep giving Fafen more and more gold until that bar is full. You can also give items instead of gold if you’d like to do that.

Once the bar is full, the “Offer” button will not be greyed out and you can click it. This will complete the deal and you will now be at peace with that kingdom. We hope this guide helped you make peace in Bannerlord. It’s important to know when to be at war and when to make peace!