Want to keep some of your hard earned loot in a safe spot? Looking for a personal vault? There is only one way to store items in Bannerlord, and if you’re just starting out you won’t get there for a while. You rarely will need to store items, after all you can just have more mounts and mules in your inventory to haul your plundered goods, but some players may want to keep all of that safe. Others may want to move faster on the world map. Having all of that loot and those mules can drastically slow your party down. Here is how to store items in Bannerlord.

How to Store Items in Bannerlord

In order to get your own personal storage space in Bannerlord, you’ll need to take a city. There are three types of settlements in the game – villages, castles, and cities. Cities are the only settlements in Bannerlord with a way to store items. In order to take a city, you’ll need a large army or somehow persuade your leader to give you a city after your faction takes one.

how to store items bannerlord in game screenshot

Once inside your city, select the option to go to the keep and the above menu will appear. Here you can edit your garrison, manage your prisoners, and open your stash, or personal storage!

how to store items bannerlord in game screenshot

After clicking ‘Open Stash’ you’ll be brought to an inventory screen. Like usual, on the right is your inventory and on the left is the stash. You can add an unlimited amount of items to your stash. It’s a great way to keep items you don’t need in your inventory at the moment! But be warned, if an enemy faction takes the city your items will be lost! Make sure your city isn’t on the frontlines of a war if you want to keep expensive stuff inside your stash.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to store items in Bannerlord. If you’re interested in more Bannerlord content, be sure to check out our other guides below!