In Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, you will have the option of hiring companions to help you in your conquest.

You can do a bunch of different stuff with companions. You can keep them in your party, send them to lead caravans, be governors, lead separate parties, do quests for you, etc.

They can do a lot! If you leave companions in your party, you have the option of giving them clan roles in Bannerlord unlike in Warband.

In Warband, their skills actively helped the party. In Bannerlord, Clan Roles will directly benefit from a companions skill level – or even your own. That’s right, you can take on a clan role yourself.

What are the different Clan Roles in Bannerlord?

mount and blade clan roles guide in game screenshot

There are four clan roles in Bannerlord: Scout, Engineer, Surgeon, and Quartermaster.

  • Scout helps your party detect tracks, get information from tracks, spot armies and units from farther away. This clan role should be given to a companion with a high scout skill to get the most benefit.
  • Engineer helps your army raise siege engines and take enemy fiefs. This clan role should be given to someone with a high engineering skill level. If you don’t want to raise your own level, simply find a companion with a high engineering level and give them this clan role!
  • Surgeon benefits from a companion with a high medicine skill. A better surgeon means that your troops have a higher survival chance and a quicker healing rate if they do get wounded.
  • Quartermaster is related to the stewardship skill. You should give it to a companion with a high stewardship skill. You should probably give this role to your own character as they will more than likely have the highest stewardship skill. Quartermaster directly relates to how big your party can be and as we all know size matters. A high stewardship skill means a better quartermaster which means a bigger party.

Each clan role has a corresponding skill. If a clan role isn’t taken, it’s duty will default onto you.

This means if you do not have a surgeon, you are the surgeon. Your medical skill will determine your party’s healing and you will also gain skill levels while your party heals.

As soon as you appoint a surgeon, you will stop gaining experience and your surgeon will instead. This can help or hurt you depending on your skill levels or future plans.

Each clan role can only be held by one person at a time. This means you’ll have to pick the best person for the job, you can’t stack the scout role with a bunch of different companions.

We hope you now understand how clan roles work in Bannerlord!

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