You better gear up your watering cans because we’re about to discover just how long it takes for these cheeky parsnips to grow! But first, let’s take a moment to understand these root vegetables.

Stardew Valley is truly a whimsical world of farming where you can develop your very own farm and enjoy the fresh breeze of the city side as an added bonus.

Within the community of Stardew Valley including enthusiasts like myself, parsnips have been quite the hype, and with the hype, there came loads of questions.


Parsnips are essentially a vegetable crop along with being one of the primary crops within Stardew Valley. They serve as a foundational element for you to carry out the rest of your farming adventures.

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As you embark on your journey, you’d definitely be dealing with cultivating parsnips. But here’s the problem: most beginners do not know how long these crops take to grow to adulthood.

Worry not, because we’ll be learning precisely that! Without any further due, Let’s go through exactly how these beautiful and aesthetically pleasing crops are brought up and how long it takes for their complete growth.

The Stages of Growing Parsnips

The stages that a crop goes through in both Stardew Valley and the living world are nothing short of the term magical. The little plant goes from a tiny seed to a luscious harvest, the experience truly dazzles me.

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Stage 1: Planting Seeds

Of course, the first step to growing any crop is by planting seeds in the tilled soil prepared explicitly by you.

Now Where do you get these seeds? You can simply purchase them from the local Pierre’s General Store. Moving on, The next step would definitely be planting these pathways to new life with care and they will soon germinate!

This act would, for sure, set the stage for the growth that is to come.

Stage 2: The Seedling Phase

Igniting our parental instinct, For the next few days the parsnip seeds will go through their delicate seedling phase.

During this phase, their vulnerability to other factors significantly increases, these factors being the weather or the ever-so-annoying crows.

Your duty as a farmer would be to ensure the protection of these young seedlings so that they could grow without any difficulty.

Stage 3: Maturation

After we’re through with the second phase, Our parsnips will continue to steadily mature with time. It is extremely crucial for every Stardew enthusiast to pay attention in this stage of the process. This is because the quality of your crop is completely reliant on the maturation of the seedling.

Stage 4: Harvest Time

Drum roll please, All that effort wasn’t in vain as they now come into effect given that the parsnips have now reached their full growth potential and are ready for harvest.

The whole process takes around four to five days after planting the seeds. Naturally, this process is heavily influenced by external factors as well. Want to know the secrets behind this influence? Let’s get right to it!

External Factors Affecting Parsnips

When talking about external influences Stardew Valley truly is a master at incorporating real-life influences into a game. It is essentially farming at its peak.

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1. Seasonal Changes

Let’s be real, even veggies have their favorite seasons right? Well, the same applies to our friend Parsnip here because it deeply enjoys the gentle showers of spring and cannot be grown in other seasons.

Stardew Valley being the intriguing endeavor it is offers a wide variety of seasons and each has its own unique characteristics. If you thought that was all, you’re definitely mistaken!

2. Soil Enrichment

Who wouldn’t want their plants to be grown in a nutritionally rich environment? I know I do! And Stardew Valley does exactly that by offering its players the ability to enjoy real-life farming at its peak.

It allows the use of fertilizers and proper tilling which can be used to serenade the bed for our seeds to go into. Soil fertility can easily be achieved by sprinkling some of that good old fertilizer onto the surface. For example Speed-Gro

Now that’s not all, doing this would also boost the time it takes to bloom. This would obviously allow the roots of the crop to stretch comfortably all around the soil.

Furthermore, This development would permit parsnips to be able to absorb all of the essential nutrients effectively. Indeed an ingredient that’s one to be reckoned with!

Now don’t go about taking your leave, the fun’s just beginning!

3. Skills

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My dear farmers, when playing Stardew Valley you must and I repeat you must focus on leveling up in pursuit of gaining those extremely handy agricultural skills.

Because who said farming couldn’t be thrilling? This game truly knows no bounds when it comes down to adding a hint of fun to farming.

When you level up your farming skills you’re bound to unlock new abilities that will greatly influence your crop’s growth.

What are these abilities you might ask? An example could be…

a) The Green Thumb Skill

It is essentially a skill that can be obtained when players have their farming skill upgraded all the way to level 5 and have set their Tiller profession at level 5. Or you could also get your Agriculturist profession at level 10 to avail the amazing benefits of this skill.

What might those benefits be you ask? For instance, It boosts the chance of DOUBLING YOUR HARVEST! And not only that but it noticeably so increases the chance of getting a gold star corps.

4. Weather

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The most detrimental of all factors is the weather because it can either make your parsnip what it is or break it. It is only fair that we explore each aspect with care.

a) Sun and Rain

Parsnips being a spring crop require a combination of sunny and rainy days to grow properly.

b) Sunny Days

Of course, we know that adequate sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis to take place resulting in the growth and development of our baby crop.

c) Storms and Thunderstorms

When we talk about thunderstorms and storms in general, it is important to understand that although they provide the rain/water required by the crops, they can also cause severe damage to them and that includes parsnips.

Now do I see you worrying over there? Trust me, We’ve got you covered. You can easily plan your planting and harvesting schedules by paying attention to the weather forecast in the game. Easy enough, right?

Parsnip Recipes

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Unquestionably, with all that fresh plump in your farm, you need a few recipes to go along with it. Cooking is basically a game mechanic that becomes available after upgrading your farmhouse for the first time, adding a kitchen to your house.

So here are a few meals to go with your parsnips in the dazzling world of Stardew Valley:

1. Parsnip Soup

Now before we get into the recipe for this dish, It’s preferable to understand where this recipe can be obtained from, yes? Well After you reach the level of friendship with Caroline, the recipe is attainable.

Now to make this delicacy, you need 1 Parsnip, 1 Mil, and 1 Leek that’s it. All of the ingredients must then be cooked in a pot and blended in until smooth. And All you need now is a spoon and a bowl and the perfect set to enjoy this work of art in-game.

2. Farmer’s Lunch

The farmer’s lunch is essentially a popular choice among players and that’s simply due to its simplicity. It is a filling meal in all regard that can be consumed to replenish your health and stamina.

All you need is a kitchen and an omelet along with a parsnip. Of course, in order to obtain this recipe you must be at a farming level of 3, at the very least. After all the requirements are met you may go ahead and enjoy your hearty meal to its fullest.


As I bid farewell, I sincerely hope that our quick parsnip journey has made you understand Stardew Valley more and has definitely made you love farming even more than you already do.

Now go ahead and grow, harvest, and celebrate the joy of growing parsnips and enjoying the crop in ways you never knew of before. May they grow tall, strong and oh-so delicious!